I Contacted The USA Secret Service Office In San Jose, CA

I spoke with a call receptionist at the Secret Service office in San Jose, she was kind, I did noticed a tone of concern. I told the Secret Service receptionist that I would like to be returned to the United Kingdom. I do feel relieved that my option about returning to the United Kingdom by the US Secret Service is over. From what I know, it may be God’s will for me to stay in the United States until May but because I called the Secret Service, the disappointed for not being in the United Kingdom for my Paternal Grandmother Queen Elizabeth birthday, won’t be to hard and it will be emotionally manageable. Now that I plan to return to Canada in May, the Canadian government surveillance has information that I am trying to return to the United Kingdom, my first attempt to return to the United Kingdom via Ireland. Then the false imprisonment in a mental hospital, then today’s call to the US Secret Service.