April 12, 2016. San Jose, CA. Many Non Mankind Inferior Degenerates Are Harsh In Their Anti White Racism

For some reason my own prison like released from the mental hospital has caused much insanity among many of the non mankind inferior degenerates in San Jose, for reasons I yet don’t know, but eventually I may discovered the reason of their insanity and harsh anti white racism by connecting the dots; method, of cause and effect. Today I am protesting against the non mankind inferior degenerates by wearing my swastika shirt, which did caused, first insanity, then insanity combined with insane conversations spoken by non mankind inferior degenerates. I am also defending by saying Judin fags to both biological Judin females and biological male Judin, towards those Judin anti white racist, who has harassed me with their malicious stares. The most predominant racial group which has collective (copy cat anti white racist harassers) anger are the Judin, second are the chinks, second sandniggers. Now among the non mankind inferior degenerates, the Mestizin are now, the lest in population in San Jose, among the non mankind inferior degenerates. Things has changed much in San Jose since I visited Ireland. Banks are now closed, many store in downtown San Jose are closed, traffic in downtown San Jose is minimal, especially considering, today is a work day during the evening commute, now the majority of traffic, which is still not that much; is in the residential parts of San Jose, CA. God has reversed the harmful actions of the anti white racist harassers towards me, in the form of, not being too sad, that I can’t be in the United Kingdom for my Paternal Grandmother Queen Elizabeth birthday. For me 89 years of my Paternal Grandmother Queen Elizabeth age is emotionally symbolic, for because I have missed, now three decades, of not personally knowing my Paternal Grandmother Queen Elizabeth. My maternal Grandmother Eva Braun passed when she was 88 years old. Also the number of eight in 89, feels for me, if I were in the United Kingdom, as if I may have more time to personally know my Paternal Grandmother Queen Elizabeth.