12 April 2016. Another Day Of Phone Stalkers

Today is another day of phone stalkers, the same phone stalker routine of two phone calls within 30 minutes. The first phone call was from a stalker who claimed to be an employee of Capital One Credit Card. The non mankind inferior degenerate stalker at Capital One Credit Card lied about a Capital Card One Credit Card, it is obviously a scam to activate a credit card I never apply to, the only information the stalker needs to activate the credit card would be my social security number. Some minutes after the stalker who claimed to be from Capital One Credit Card, I received a „private number“ which was blocked by the app on my phone, that stalker wish for me to believe the private phone number was a US Secret Service agent, calling me. I do know if the US Secret Service did call me the US Secret Service will not have „private number“ for the caller ID. Anyways, the US Secret Service are aware all phone number which don’t have caller IDs are blocked.