April 5, 2015. Visited The Aryan Homeland In Ireland

I took an one day trip to Ireland but I intended to return to the United Kingdom. I knew the Irish government gave me special treatment in Ireland because of my Paternal Grandmother Queen Elizabeth. Free, Irish government transportation to a free (I didn’t have to pay) place to sleep for the night and an Irish government paid return ride to Dublin Ireland Airport. What I enjoyed most about being in an Aryan nation in Europe was being among Aryans. There is a drastic cultural behavior among the Aryans in Europe and the non mankind inferior degenerates in America. The Aryan men in Ireland are discrete with public clothing, as with some sort of think undergarments, not overly dress for 50’s degrees weather with a wind chill made by 60 miles per hours winds. Being among Aryans, one does have a sense of being, same serious mannerism but friendly at the same time, when spoken with, the Aryans in Ireland have proper friendly conversations, they don’t have malicious stares nor malicious avoidance. The royal protocol is different in Ireland, they don’t have eye contact but they do general face one’s direction, as not turning their face away oneself. There were three Aryans I interacted with in Ireland. One Aryan was a male, who had a haircut similar, a picture of a National Socialist Soldiers with his new born baby son. Another Aryan male who was some sort of Ireland government agent worked with another Ireland government agent of the Ireland border. The weather in Ireland reminded me much of the weather of Seattle, WA. Off and on rain, cloudy, a little cold and breezy. It was really emotionally hard to return to the USA, a little for not to be able to return to live in the United Kingdom but mostly I was disappointed that I had to return to temporally live in America. I do trust the American government very much but to live in the Bay Area, where I grew up with my mom, felt as America was my own prison of grief, the feeling of grief is enhanced by the fact I don’t have any family here, the fact I am alone, referring to the minimal amount of Aryans in the San Francisco Bay Area. The feeling of not being among Aryans is somewhat difficult, it does feel similar to the stereotype of  extraterrestrials in movies, not being able to discern which non mankind inferior degenerate are friendly, or which non mankind inferior degenerate may be an anti white racist. It is typical among the non mankind inferior degenerates to be very hypocritical.