Sunday 3 April 2016. My Last Day In The USA As A USA Resident (Complete 24 hours)

Yesterday, Sunday 3 April 2016, was my last day as a resident of the USA. Yesterday, after I washed my clothes and packed, I spend the day on social media, watching TV, and I took two light naps. Today, Monday 4 April 2016, I woke up after 3:30 am. I am anxious to leave for SFO, not anxious as in emotionally nervous but I wish I can leave very soon. During the trip to SFO, I will take pictures and post them on Instagram, if I have time at SFO, I will post the pictures on all my social media accounts. As it turned out God bless me again, I didn’t have to see the Avalos family nor any visit of the Avalos family. It was somewhat strange about how things turned out with the Avalos family, I thought I would be somewhat sad to leave them permanently and for my mom’s oldest daughter Judy Avalos. God wanted me to discover the truth of the Avalos family hypocrisy of family love. Now I don’t feel any sadness about never to see the Avalos family again but I feel relieved I will never have to entertain such hypocrisy of their false family love and their degenerate behavior nature!!