Monday 4 April 2016: Phone Call Stalkers Mafia Organization Who Uses Fake Phone Numbers

This morning, I received three phone calls from a Mafia organization, which uses false phone numbers. The first phone call was a Seattle area code phone number (206)  829-4695 at 9:45 am. At  10:02 am today over 15 minutes after the Mafia fake phone number of Seattle, I received two phone calls from the same Mafia organization, except this time, the Mafia organization used the former Elizabeth Pedersen’s phone number (916) 213-5064. Besides the fact Elizabeth Pedersen is in Federal prison since I returned from Chicago, IL. I received two phones calls from (916) 213-5064 within one minute. The real Elizabeth Pedersen wouldn’t call two times in the same minute. Before Elizabeth Pedersen was sent to federal prison, Elizabeth Pedersen’s habit would be first call from her cellphone then call from her landline phone number, which would take longer than a few minutes. Before Elizabeth Pedersen was arrested and sent to Federal prison, it was Elizabeth Pedersen’s habit, she wouldn’t call my mom nor any of her family member if they had a disagreement. Before Elizabeth Pedersen was arrested the real Elizabeth Pedersen never did this type of stalking that the Mafia organization is using Elizabeth Pedersen as an archetype; with my mom nor other family members. I do notice the routine of the stalkers who call within minutes or hours in the same day. Today is Monday, the morning, before Elizabeth Pedersen was arrested, Elizabeth Pedersen was busy in the mornings and often forget to eat lunch.