I Am At San Francisco International Airport, Waiting For The Aer Lingus Plane To Dublin, Ireland

The check in process has changed much since 2009, when I went to London, UK. The check in for the individual airlines for international travel, first step if „e-passport“ instead of showing one’s reservation information first. There are two unofficial passport checks before the TSA agent checks one’s passport through their computer. Most likely another passport check before entering the airplane. There was a time, here at SFO, that I missed my mom’s company, when I ate lunch before the airplane check in. I ate a cheeseburger at SFO, I thought to myself, if this was Seatac International Airport, my mom could had waited with me and keep me company until it was time for the check in. I liked Seatac Airport more than SFO, because the check in for international flights are easy. In Seattle the boarding pass was issued after TSA security check. One thing however was somewhat more difficult, was the international terminal was physically separated from the rest of the Seatac Airport, a subway train connected the main Seatac Airport from the international terminal. Once I got the physical boarding pass for the airplane, it felt official for me, now I am going home to the United Kingdom, after 7 years from my first visit to the United Kingdom in 2009.