Perhaps One Possible Reason For The Mafia Stalkers Non Mankind Inferior Degenerates At Santa Clara Medical Center & The Mafia Connection With Peter Pedersen

Before Elizabeth Lopez married Peter Pedersen, my mom was against the marriage between Elizabeth Lopez and Peter Pedersen, for two reasons, my mom knew Peter Pedersen will abuse Elizabeth Lopez and my mom knew Peter Pedersen was in the Mafia. My mom facts about Peter Pedersen is true, Peter Pedersen did abuse Elizabeth Pedersen and both Peter Pedersen and Elizabeth Pedersen were involved in the Mafia. Elizabeth Pedersen was involved in the Mestizin extremist Mafia, and Peter Pedersen involved was more hidden than Elizabeth Pedersen’s involvement with the Mestizin extremist Mafia, but my mom told me whenever Peter Pedersen left for „job“ purposes, the location Peter Pedersen was for the Mafia and sexual affairs. I knew there was a connection between the Mafia organization of Santa Clara Medical Center and Elizabeth Pedersen arrest. It was God’s will, for it to be known to my the Mafia corrupted of the Pedersen family as well as Elizabeth Pedersen’s involvement in the Mafia, that was the reason of the imposter Elizabeth Pedersen’s texts. One thing about the Elizabeth Pedersen imposter didn’t make sense, was the stupidity of the imposter Elizabeth Pedersen, but the imposter Elizabeth Pedersen would known I would know the texting from the imposter Elizabeth Pedersen was false. It is apparent, the imposter Elizabeth Pedersen knew of my social media activities about the imposter Elizabeth Pedersen because when I did received the first text, I wrote a blog about Elizabeth Pedersen would had been more concerned for the money than my well being. The imposter Elizabeth Pedersen typed the word „worried“ referring to what Dr. Xu told me about an alleged phone call with a sibling which doctor Xu lied about. The imposter Elizabeth Pedersen typed a Catholic saying of „Our Lord Jesus Christ.“ Throughout my memories of Elizabeth Lopez, Elizabeth Lopez didn’t expressed her faith in God. Elizabeth Lopez grew up in a Christian house, Christian would say, „in the name of Jesus“ NOT „Our Lord Jesus Christ.“ Of the 30 years of memories of Elizabeth Lopez and married Elizabeth Pedersen, in all those 30 years, Elizabeth would only say „in Jesus‘ name“ at eating meals at the table. Peter Pedersen was Catholic but Elizabeth Pedersen never practiced Catholicism nor was Peter Pedersen involved in the Catholic rituals. Anyways the imposter Elizabeth Pedersen was arrested after typing last night’s text for Torture.