Relocating To The United Kingdom Without Saying Goodbye To My Mom’s Descendants

I wonder if the gossipers‘ rumors are true about the „over head speakers“ concerning the announcements in the intercom inside the airplane? If it is true about the outside speakers of the intercom airplane’s speakers, I wonder, what would be my mom’s descendants‘ emotional reaction to hearing on the public „over head speakers,“ flight for Dublin, Ireland? I would expect, my mom’s descendants wouldn’t even bother to think of me. A loving family response would be, some sadness for not seeing each other again. I saw Bobby this week, Bobby is the oldest son of my mom’s oldest daughter Judy. I feel blessed by God, I haven’t seen the Avalos family, since my trip to Illinois in January 2016. When I returned to the Bay Area from the Christian concert in Illinois, that was when I decided to relocate to the United Kingdom to be near my Father Prince Charles.