Friday 1 April 2016, I Am Getting Ready To Return To The United Kingdom

I didn’t had much to do today, since I will leave to the United Kingdom this Monday 4 April 2016. Yesterday, I expected to go for grocery shopping for today and wash my clothes. I will wash the Third Reich German shirts on Sunday 3 April 2016, which will be the only clothing I will take with me to the United Kingdom. I have my mom’s heart pillow I will take, the heart pillow is heart shaped, has a picture of a heart, and has printed „Northwest Hospital,“ that was where my mom died on 16 January 2014. The main reason that I will take the heart shaped pillow is symbolic, because if my mom survived the surgery and was alive, my mom would have the pillow, printed on the pillow would be greetings from nurses and friend’s of my mom, for me returning to the United Kingdom is symbolic of if my mom survived the surgery but the pillow is in its natural state (nothing written on it) because my mom didn’t survived the surgery, as when my mom used that same pillow after her surgery, prior to her death. I will take a „teddy“ cow bought from my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun, when she visited my mom and I, during the 1990’s, the „teddy“ cow is the only item I have from my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun, and my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun told me to save the „teddy“ cow, she said the male cow „is you and“ the female cow „is me and we will be hugging each other forever.“ I have a teddy bear police officer figurine I bought at Heathrow, when I visited the United Kingdom in 2009, I will take with me too. I did visited the King Library in San Jose, CA, today, my last visit to King Library will be this Sunday 3 April 2016, Sunday will be my last 24 hour day as a resident of the USA. Monday 4 April 2016, will be a short day for me at San Jose, CA, because I will leave my apartment for San Francisco International Airport after 11:30 am. I had my last haircut today in San Jose, the haircut person, who regularly cut my hair since the summer of 2015, behaved as if she knew this last haircut will be the last haircut with her. I gave the haircut person payment for my haircut and she looked at the money, short of nostalgic and said to me „see you later,“ I only said „OK.“ Today was my last visit to Barnes & Noble in Eastridge Mall in San Jose, CA, where I bought a map of London, UK. The map has listings of Underground Stations, where I may walk to St James Palace in London, UK.