I Am Staying Awake This Evening, 31 March 2016, Until 12 Am PDT 1 April 2016

A little more than 3 hours until midnight PDT, my regular bed time is after 9 pm. Right after midnight 1 April 2016, I will book my flight to the United Kingdom, Heathrow Airport. My date to leave the United States will likely be Monday 4 of April 2016. I have much to do tomorrow, in preparation for my move to the United Kingdom, I may not even have enough time to visit the San Jose, CA King Library, tomorrow, but I may visit King Library on Sunday. It sort of feels like staying up for midnight of New Year Eve, which is sort of sad considering, my mom’s routine for New Year Eve. When my mom was alive, my mom and I would watch the Space Needle on KING 5 for New Year Eve. What is sad is, I didn’t say awake for New Year Eve of 2015-2016, because my mother is no longer with me, the New Year at The Space Needle isn’t televised nationally nor do I have family members here, to spend New Year Eve with.