Link From KING 5. Two dead in Seattle shooting. Female Judin Insane About The Reality Of Pioneer Square In Seattle

Two dead in Seattle shooting

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The link is a video report from KING 5 about a recent shooting in Pioneer Square. A female Judin was interviewed by KING 5, the female Judin was insane, in some sort of other mental reality which is NOT the reality of Pioneer Square in Seattle. I lived in Seattle for more than 10 years, I know Pioneer Square very well. It is factual, Pioneer Square does have much criminal activities. It is factual, Pioneer Square is a neighborhood for drinking of liquor and social organizations which serves liquor, during my residency in Seattle, Pioneer Square was frequently on the news, for criminal activities inside those bars and the occasional shooting at Pioneer Square. Pioneer Square had more physical fighting than shooting, fighting by drunk people at the bars. In Pioneer Square, much of the homeless people in Seattle sleep there, in physical shelters and outside, if one would venture at Pioneer Square, one would notice a cultural curfew, any one of the public can walk in Pioneer Square, mainly during rush hour, but after rush hour, Pioneer Square become an adult environment for liquor drinkers and vagabonds. During the occasions my mom and I rode on Access in the evening and on occasions when the Access bus went through Pioneer Square, there were more people in bars than pedestrians. The Access bus did pick up passengers at Safeco field, at times, there were almost riots, when the Access was at Safeco field because of all the drunk people who left a game at Safeco field.