Link From KING 5. Seattle affordable housing project focuses on families

Seattle affordable housing project focuses on families

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The new „affordable housing project“ in Seattle is in the Beacon Hill neighborhood near the Mestizin extremist center of „Center De La Raza.“ Beacon Hill was one of the neighborhoods my mom and I didn’t explored. My mom knew Beacon Hill was a ghetto and didn’t want to see Beacon Hill. When the Link Light Rail began in Seattle to Seatac, one of the stations between downtown Seattle and Seatac was Beacon Hill station. I asked my mom if she wanted to get off at Beacon Hill station and explore the neighborhood, my mom said no. On one occasion, light rail service to downtown Seattle was cancelled, while my mom and I was in the light rail heading to downtown Seattle. My mom and I had to get off at Beacon Hill station, I joked with my mom, I thought you didn’t want to visit Beacon Hill, my mom replied, „we had no choice.“ The neighborhood here the Beacon Hill station was located was ugly, old bars and vagabonds on the street.