My Flight To The United Kingdom, Next Week On Aer Lingus

I will return to move to the United Kingdom, next week, the first week of April 2016. It is likely I may leave the United States this coming Sunday, the 3rd of April 2016, and arrive at Heathrow, during the early evening on the 4th of April 2016, Monday evening. I will take two Aer Lingus planes to arrive at Heathrow, the first plane, departs San Francisco International Airport to Dublin, Ireland. The first Aer Lingus plane arrives in Dublin, Ireland, late Monday morning, the 4th of April 2016. At Dublin, Ireland, I will take the second Aer Lingus plane to Heathrow. During the first Aer Lingus air plane flight which departs San Francisco International Airport, the plane will reach Canada airspace within 2 hours, which I am looking forward to hear the excitement of the Aryan people in Canada, for me, it will be the first part of my trip to the United Kingdom, when it will be officially home, since Canada is United Kingdom jurisdiction. The first Aer Lingus plane will fly over the state of Montana then over Canada airspace, the international border between the USA and Canada will be audible noticeable in the airplane itself. I expected, not complete silence while the Aer Lingus plane flies over parts of the North Atlantic ocean because of nearby passenger planes. I looked up the weather report online on Met Office, Monday will be warm at London, UK and breezy.