Anti White Racist Biological Judin Female From „Kara“ Organization Phone Number (650) 614-1491

At 10:08 am today, I received a phone call from the organization „Kara“ a biological Judin female left a message, the Judin female faked an Australian English accent. The message the Judin female was for an employee of „Kara,“ the Judin female from „Kara“ didn’t even say the name of „Kara“ employee, the message was as if the Judin female was on a current conversation. The other facts which indicate the malicious intentions of the Judin female was my non California phone number. I researched „Kara“ website, the „Kara“ organization is insignificant in the amount of employees and financially in the USA economy. The „Kara“ organization has less employees than the Mafia organization „Santa Clara Medical Center.“ It would be very unlikely, „Kara“ will have an employee who has a Pacific Northwest phone number!!