My New Plans For Easter 2016

Last week I discovered online the movie „Midnight Special“ is out in theaters in selected cities and the general release of the movie „Midnight Special“ will be released, perhaps next year 2017. Then I decided to research another movie, instead of the movie „Midnight Special,“ I found the movie „Miracles From Heaven“ but the movie seemed genetic or to mean copied from other movies. I was reminded of the movie „Adam’s Apple,“ in the movie „Adam’s Apple“ a Lutheran priest had a brain tumor, and the priest’s life was saved by a gun accident, when someone shot the priest but the bullet only destroyed the priest’s brain tumor. Now I don’t have much money for this month, so now, I can’t watch any movies in the theater nor eat at a restaurant. My new plan for this Easter Sunday, 27 March 2016, is to attend the Easter Festival in San Francisco and go to the beach at Ocean beach.