Link From KING 5 News Seattle. Dozens of tires slashed at several apartments in Kent

Dozens of tires slashed at several apartments in Kent

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When I lived with my mom in Seattle, our apartment building in Lake City had many criminal activities. When my mom and first started to noticed the criminal activities at King Arthur’s Court Apartments in Seattle, the manager left notes on the front doors which describe apartment break ins and car break ins, and the note instructed the residents at King Arthur’s Court not to open the front doors of the apartment building to anyone not known. King Arthur’s Court Apartments had gated parking and the gates were closed most of the time, except for the days of the garbage pick ups. The door notes explained the apartment’s surveillance video were sent to the Seattle police for investigation. The King Arthur’s Court had their own private video surveillance, two cameras in the lobby and another camera in the parking lot, after the break ins, another note was left on the doors which explained more installed video cameras but these new cameras were hidden, unknown to the residents too, but the note explaining the new hidden cameras were insulted outside the apartment building in heavy public areas of the apartment building. Even with the gated garage at King Arthur’s Court robbers managed to break into the building, break car windows and steal items from residents cars. Once a neighbor left their apartment door open on the 6th floor and I asked my mom if we should tell the manager, my mom said „no, maybe they are bringing in grocery and even if it was a break in they shouldn’t left their door open.“ Because there wasn’t any forced damage on the neighbor’s door.