March 19, 2016. A Stressful Day For Me

I noticed another wave of grief for my mom and it started earlier this week, this grief with other „stressors“ has caused a stressful day for me, today Saturday. The other stressor is not knowing the proper procedure when I am in London, UK. My mom rarely spoke about me returning to UK jurisdiction but my mom told me to go to Canada, after my mom passed, but my mom never told me what to say to government officials, when I in UK jurisdiction. I knew my mom didn’t spoke about the royal protocol because by UK jurisdiction, she would be over reaching her royal power, to order me to return to the UK. My mom could play out a what if scenario but again she would over reach her royal power by placing herself in my situation, for example, if my mom were to tell me; I were to return to the UK, I would do such and such. What frustrates me is the impression I have to give royal orders when I return to the UK but not knowing how to give royal orders. What I would like to happened when I returned to the UK is a formal greeting of „Your Royal Highness,“ then I can tell them my desire to live in the UK, something similar happened in Canada, when my mom told an anti white racist Canadian border agent „he is the Queen’s Grandson“ the Canadian border agent didn’t say anything about proper royal protocol except for pointing that I may leave the office, I didn’t even know my mom and I can enter Canadian jurisdiction until my mom told me „let’s go“ and officially entered Canadian jurisdiction. The other stressors are the summer weather of California, even though it is the last day of winter, and the possibility, I may see the grandchild of my mom, the Avalos twins. The things which bother my about the possible visit of the Avalos twins are not any direct behavior of the Avalos twins but the same anger my mom experienced whenever my mom and I ever discussed seeing my mom’s descendants in California, my mom would say for what reason should we visit them? Not for sarcasm but my mom was very disappointed about my mom’s descendants never visited my mom while she lived in Seattle, which my mom interpret a type of hatred from her descendants. During my mom’s years in living in Seattle, most of my mom’s descendants visited locations which was further to travel than if her descendants were to visit her instead in Seattle, my mom thought it was emotionally pointless plus the financial expensives to travel to California from Seattle, when my mom felt very insulted by her descendants by their lack of them visiting her in Seattle. On some occasions my mom would tell me, „why should we go there (CA from Seattle), when they never visited me here (Seattle) when I was living!?“ Now that I know about the hatred of mankind inferior degenerates on the Aryan race plus now I know the frequent arguments from my mom’s daughters towards my mom were racially motivated by my mom’s daughters but the guilt of the non mankind inferior degenerates‘ DNA on the Aryan race, plus the racial tensions in America, plus the Mestizin, niggers, other non mankind inferior degenerate races extreme hatred against Donald Trump which is symbolic of the non mankind inferior degenerates hatred for the entire Aryan race, plus the family love my mom taught me for her descendants which was one sided love only from my mom and I towards her descendants, my mom’s descendants didn’t loved us, because my mom was right, they would had visited us, while my mom and I lived in Seattle.