Evening Of March 15, 2016. Insane Gossipers Around San Jose Area California Became Suicidal

During the evening of the 15 of March of 2016, I researched the translation of „secret service“ directly into the German language, but the Online search engines aren’t correct with the translation, so I looked up a Biblical verse which has the word „secret“ Luke 8:17 and in the German language Bible Lukas 8,17. The verse is a prophecy of Satan’s children. In the German Bible the word „verborgen“ „ver“ is similar to there“fore“ or be“fore“, „borgen“ mean plural of birth meaning people. The word „secret“ is „secret“ in the German language to mean a real secret is „nicht offenbar“ offenbar is part of the German name for the book of Revelation is Offenbarung to mean Open Absolution. Written in the end of the verse is „abroad“ in the English translation, in the German translation is „Geheime“ it mean go home. The Google translation, translates „Secret“ for Secret Service as „Geheime“ but Geheime does not mean „Secret!“ It means go home, to the Secret Service translation into the German language is the „Go Home Service.“ Then at least two insane female non mankind inferior degenerates around San Jose went completely insane, literally yelling and breaking their dishes from their insanity. I thought the fire truck sirens were to sound for those insane violent non mankind inferior degenerate females but I didn’t hear any sirens. The  Biblical verses of Lukas 8,17 and Psalms 91 are both in the Christian song „Rein.“