Seattle City Police Did Stop Colored People In Automobiles

The Seattle City cops were very corrupted in an post I wrote several months ago, I wrote about the discrimination I had for wearing the swastika shirt in the Library at Lake City but I observed incident where the peace officers were strict with colored people in the Seattle area. Seattle police cars frequently patrolled the neighborhood my mom and I lived in Seattle. At one occasion, my mom and I were driven home from the Lake City Baptist Church by a church member Phyllis. Phyllis was very friendly and was about 20 younger than my mom, passing the Lake City Library was a Seattle police car park by an apartment, I overheard one cop told the other cop to don’t pull over the car because „of two white women.“ I was out of sight because the Phyllis van had tinted windows. Another occasion, I heard a King County sheriff tease two young Mestizin males and the Mestizin males were provoking the sheriff. Since my mom and I arrived at Seatac, WA to search an apartment in Seattle, my mom and I heard the racism in Washington state is targeted mainly at the colored people. The other area of Washington state which didn’t like colored people was Washington state tri cities, Richland, Pasco, Kennewick. Kennewick is the better city of the three, because of more commerce- restaurants and shopping centers, plus scenery. My mom and I visited Barnes & Nobles in Kennewick and the people there became angered when I sneezed and one man left with his child because the man said I communicate „a Jew“ whenever I sneezed. It was rumored the KKK lived around Eastern Washington state.