Friday, March 11, 2016. My Last Dinner At Loaves & Fish In San Jose, CA

Lately, God has been very insisting that I return to the UK. Before, I decided to return to the UK, I fired the replacement Dr, Xu. I had a scheduled appointment with Dr. Xu in the end of March. The „person of contact“ of Wellness Benefit Center told me a replacement will take longer than the scheduled appointment, so probably at the last week in March or the beginning of April, I may receive a phone call from the „person of contact“ from Santa Clara medical center. I started riding on BART, then it was confirmed to me on Tweeter, Caltrain is truly a mafia transportation agency, so I won’t ride Caltrain anymore for pleasure trips to San Francisco, CA. I won’t answer the phone call from the „person of contact“ from Santa Clara medical center. Today, I discovered Loaves & Fish in San Jose, CA is involved in the occult. Last month, the chink worker said, the last Friday of every month Indian food from India is made from religious Indians, today wasn’t the last Friday of the month, but the free dinner was prepared by religious Indians. I noticed God did want me to noticed the occult activities of the Loaves & Fish but God didn’t want me to leave in disgust because I noticed an elephant idol of the religious Indians in the dinning room of Loaves & Fish, before I completely finished my dinner. I was reminded of my mom, she told me, every time you eat, pray before you eat, especially eating out of the house, for God to take away stranger’s germs, and any curses that a food preparer may had made on the food. Also, before, I left Loaves & Fish, I overheard the chink main worker, on this Monday, 14 of March,  a „devotional“ will be performed at Loaves & Fish. I know the chinks nor the religious Indians perform „devotions,“ and the main building of Loaves & Fish is a Catholic Charity and a Senior Center, most likely the „devotion“ is Catholic oriented, because the devotions of the Christians is different. In church service in Christian churches, a devotion may involved a special song, sing by a single person. I don’t know what a Catholic devotion is, but from guessing and since Loaves & Fish is only dinners at 4:30pm every work day, perhaps the Catholic „devotion“ is similar to a Thanksgiving meal for Thanksgiving in November. My mom would stop eating meals there at Loaves & Fish, for two reasons, the idol elephant, and the multiple religions practiced at Loaves & Fish. My mom became angered and discussed at me when we arrived at our apartment in Seattle, my mom disliked the Sunday school teacher’s lesson because the teacher spoke of Buddhism, even neighbors at our apartment, my mom didn’t like if they had multiple beliefs of many religions. My mom told me when anyone attends many religious services of different religions, a person will get confused about all the religions, and the individual would develop a pick and choose method of preferred religious doctrines of the religions. My mom described an individual who has chosen a pick and choose; method of conflicting religious doctrines, the individual may get so confused about their own made religion, that it may turn into a sort of insanity. What also developed, what is God’s will is I no longer have physical contact with my mom’s descendants nor any communication with them. I noticed a big difference in myself since I attended the Winter Christian Music Concert in Chicagoland. The grief for my mom has greatly decreased, now I am able to sleep from 9 to 11 hours per day, I no longer feel the urgency to be outside, so that I may not feel grief when I am in my apartment, plus traveling around the San Francisco Bay Area has gotten boring, with the „been there, done that“ from my trips during the 1990’s. I was very disappointed about the lack of exploration of the East Bay cities, even the largest East Bay city of Oakland, I thought Jack London Square was a large shopping Center, it’s not, Jack London Square is mostly saloons, places to drink liquor and some, probably over priced food.