April 2016, My Planned Return To The United Kingdom

I have a plan, A, B, and C for returning to the UK for financial reasons. My plan A is, return date on the 4 of April. I have done research on air fares to the United Kingdom, fares within one week is the same, about two weeks or so, there is a slight decrease in air fare. If I can’t afford an one way airline ticket, I will search for more transfers air plans to the UK because multi transfer planes are less expensive, but I won’t take the flight which is 44 hours because of the flight transfers. It is very likely, I may find a flight in the first week in April, but as my mom taught me, to be prepare for all situations, for plan C, which would be very unlike, is to book a flight in the middle of April. During the flight north from San Francisco International Airport, it is likely, I would think about my mom. I remember the online booking from when I traveled to the UK in 2009, only the passport number is needed for international travel. When checking in at the air plane company, the air line worker checks the passport for government clearance, to mean, to travel internationally, the only time government agents asks for one’s passport is when entering into the other country. Things in Canada, most likely has changed drastically too, as with the USA. Most of the encounters with border agents were anti white racist Canadian border agents, but I know code name Alexander Lapin of the Canadian government is strict with Canadian laws. I expect the ratio of self mass deportation in Canada, to be higher compared to the self mass deportation in America. On my return flight from Minneapolis, MN to San Francisco CA, I hear gossiper Aryans in Canada, who were excited about the shooting at an Aboriginal Canadian location. The excitement of the Aryans in Canada was about White genocide is ending in Canada. Perhaps, when I arrive at Vancouver, Canada, most of the non mankind inferior degenerates would had left the Vancouver, area; obviously for their fear of Nazism, if Chicagoland population is visibly noticed, in decreased in population, so will the population in Canada. I expect a decreased in people in London, UK, too because of the mass fear of terrorism and non mankind inferior degenerates lack of desire to visit the UK.