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Trump, Evangelicals, and the Road Ahead –
It is God’s timing, I am currently reading the Old Testament book of „Jeremia“ in the German Bible. Especially, in the German language Bible, God is very precise about His wrath against the Jews for their sacrificing to the god Baal, the Jews whoring, which caused the breach of the covenant of the Jews and God. Symbolically, by the old covenant, God was Israel „Husband,“ it is specifically stated in the Bible God has „divorced“ Israel and disowned Israel and the Jews. In the book of Jeremia, it is clearly printed the curse from God towards the Jews for the practicing of sacrificing for Baal but in God’s name, God’s curse for the Jews, as described in Jeremia is, the Jews have to leave Israel and defuse in other nation, it is explained in Jeremia a northern nation will conquer the land of Israel bringing destruction „fire“ the physically destroy the Jews, it is explained in Jeremia the land of Israel will become desolate, without any inhabitants!! Even the „bests“ animals of the air and earth will no longer be inhabitants of Israel. God curse the Jews as the National Socialist definition of Degenerates in the German language Bible the English word of „degenerate“ is „unrein.“ Unrein both means unholy and racially impure. According to the Bible it is God’s will for Donald Trump in America, even if Donald Trump doesn’t win the presidency, the political environment in America has changed beyond being corrupted again towards „political correctness,“ or to be „repaired“ again by „political correctness!!“