This Evening, What Sounded As A Knock On My Apartment Door, Was Neighbor’s Door. March 5, 2016.

Every once and a while, I would hear a knock on a door, which sounded as a person knocked on my apartment door, I once had a guest when a person knocked on a neighbor’s door but sounded as if a person knocked on my apartment door. The only person who would visit me, would be Fabian, no one else. I now Fabian’s routine, this is the first weekend of March and Fabian most likely spend the first weekend who someone he knew drinking liquor, if it was some other significant event, Fabian would had called me. I did opened the door and saw no one there and I did look long enough for an authentic „solicitor,“ to be walking down the stairs, while the seconds I glanced at the stair. At first, when I thought perhaps, some individual was knocking on my apartment door, I thought, it may had been those malicious Mormons, who are Satan worshipers!! Plus Fabian know my rest routine, I arrive home from his house at 5 pm and then rest at my apartment, the knock occurred after 6 pm.