Two Tweet Users Have Confirmed Caltrain Agency Is Mafia Agency

On Twitter, there were two Caltrain „enthusiasts.“ The first Twitter user was a female. Some other person wrote „Merry Christmas“ for a greeting for the first Caltrain Twitter user. The Caltrain enthusiast became very insulted about the greeting of „Merry Christmas“ in response, the Caltrain enthusiast wrote on her Tweet account, it is not Christmas yet, even though it was December 2016. I wrote on the Caltrain enthusiast Tweet account, as a protest for the Tweet against the Caltrain enthusiast, I wrote Merry Christmas. The first Caltrain enthusiast wasn’t an employee of Caltrain yet claim by herself to be able to raise the Caltrain fares. Then I wrote about the facts about a Caltrain survey which the Caltrain enthusiast did prove Caltrain’s malicious intentions of the Survey Monkey questions online!! At least now I have proof that Caltrain is a Mafia transportation agency, for instance, if Caltrain wasn’t involved in the Mafia, why would the Caltrain enthusiast become so enraged by the WordPress about the anti white racist intentions of Caltrain. I proper individual would described the necessity of the racial biased questions to either „benefit“ the overall community or Caltrain’s need to address the „needs“ of the majority population. The Caltrain enthusiast even wrote what I wrote on WordPress is actually true!