Link From Google+ post by Eli Hitler Razcon. Caltrain Survey
Yesterday I participated in the Caltrain survey, constructed online by Survey Monkey. I noticed the insanity of Survey Monkey’s questions, indicating the corrupted intentions of the purpose and results of Caltrain’s survey. The insane question is „what best describes your ethnicity?“ Flowing lists of racial groups with American born citizenship plus „White/Caucasian.“ The White race is not an ethnicity but only ONE race. Two more Survey Monkey questions, which has no relevance for the survey intentions of Caltrain was „Were you born in America? And „which country were you born? Before the actual questions of Survey Monkey, the website of the survey described the intentions of the survey. The Caltrain survey was intended for the public‘ need of the new electric Caltrain which hasn’t been constructed yet; why would one’s birth nation has relevance for the new electric Caltrain trains!? I researched online for marketing demographics, I found several YouTube videos, in those videos, it is explained, in mass public marketing, the majority of one segmentation is used to represent the total public. Some time now, I am aware, organizations receive financial income for colored races and „improvised“ nations, that is two of the main factors for any college admissions.