February 29, 2016. Zionist Racial Discussing Social Gatherings At San Jose State University

This past week, at King Library on San Jose State University, I saw two advertisements of on campus discussing concerning about race. In those two advertisements, the grammar typed on those two advertisements hints on racial conversations of the „victim hood“ of colored students, who attend San Jose State University. In honesty, those racial conversations are not meant as truly conversations of race but to reinforce upon the colored students as well of any Judin students who may join those two racial gathering discussing group the „victim hood“ of the colored students at San Jose State University. When I lived in Seattle, when my mom was alive, I received through the mail, an advertisement for a similar racial group discussion. My mom encourage me to attend, until I told my mom, the racial malicious intent of that racial discussing group in Seattle. I first told my mom, I will tell them the truth, I am white, my maternal Grandfather is Adolf Hitler and the harassment I received by those facts. My mom told me, you should go, may be they don’t know about anti white racist harassment. I told my mom, no, they aren’t interested in hearing about anti white harassment, they only want to discuss their colored „victimhood“ and the discussion of anti white racist harassment will angered them. My mom replied to me, „then don’t go.“