What I Have Learn From The Mestizin Gossipers About The Mestizen Stereotype

About last month, I heard a mestizin female, who had a conversation on her phone in a VTA, that female Mestizen spoke on her phone, she was treated as a poor person in a department store, who wasn’t going to buy anything at that store, I thought that time of poorness stereotype was limited to that mestizen but yesterday, I heard a similar poor stereotype of a mestizen man at the bus stop. So two Mestizen who had the same stereotype of being poor, may be the mass public’s stereotype of the mestizen race of being financially poor! The mestizen aren’t gossiping about Donald Trump nor the missing mestizen in the general population in America. If the American media wasn’t corrupted by their bidding of the racial Jewish financial contributors, would the media report on the missing people who are now gone from America, for instance, the San Francisco Bay Area has much less people compared to the year 2014. Last month, I visited Chicago, IL, which had a population of two million, I took pictures of downtown Chicago, for a city which had two million people, there were hardly any people walking on the streets in Chicago with low traffic inside downtown Chicago during a working day, the day I visited Chicago wasn’t any holiday nor the weekend.