Insane Gossipers Were Vague For The Reason Of Their Insanity

For several months now, all across America, there has been insane gossipers but they haven’t gossiped for the cause of their insanity! Last night, I was trying to figure the cause of the insanity of the gossipers, I discovered the gossipers became insane for their fear of dying in a Nazi gas chamber in America. I watched the movie „Sybil“ she had multiple personality disorder, in the movie „Sybil“ Sybil’s personality are emotionally triggered whenever Sybil is in a stressful situation, the personalities of Sybil is a manner for Sybil to not face her main fear, a sort of insane distraction, to avoid the main emotional issues or fear. I was the movie „Rosenstrasse“ where Jews committed suicide from jumping off from buildings, will the insane gossipers copy the suicides of the Jews of the 1930’s?