February 25, 2016. Loaves & Fish, San Jose, CA

Yesterday, I attended the last dinner for the month of February 2016. Yesterday, the female who appears to be in charge of the Alum Rock Loaves & Fish, said today, Friday, February 26, 2016, the dinner will be given by Indians from the country of India, in addition of the Indian food from India, the food is prepared by a „religious“ cult. In the New Testament, the Bible states, Christians cannot drink blood nor eat food that was an offering for idols. If my mom was in attendance it would be likely, my mom and I would discuss that verse in the New Testament of the Bible and decide not to attend the last Friday dinner of the month. Loaves & Fish is in a Catholic Charities building but the Loaves & Fishes don’t promote the Catholic religion, referring to Catholic „ceremonies“ nor are their any Catholic „religious“ Idols inside the cafeteria of Loaves & Fish.