Link From WGNTV News, The Criminal Apple Corporation
In the link from WGNTV, the report explains, its code for protection of their Apple phones are protected by „freedom of speech.“ I am reminded about the limitations of the „freedom of speech“ when it involves public safety, for instance, it is illegal to yell fire in a movie theater, when there isn’t any fire, because of public safety. The yelling fire in a movie theater is a classic example when „freedom of speech“ can not be applied. In the news report Apple corporation claims the government’s corruption to purposely have access to Apple’s codes and knowledge of Apple’s possible future codes. Apple is lying, if the government doesn’t have knowledge about how to break Apple’s codes, the Apple’s company is well knowledgeable to made another hard to break codes, as if Apple’s knowledge of codes are strictly limited to just one code. It appears Apple is desperately trying to hide criminal activities that may bring down the entire Apple business, for what other reason is Apple so insisting on their own opinion of the government’s corruption of surveillance when the government can even break the current code, why blame something which doesn’t exists!!