Link From WGNTV Chicago News, Niggress Protesters Inverted „Super Predictor“ On The Black Race
Link from WGNTV news Chicago, a niggress protester at Hillary Clinton speech inverted on of Hilary’s Clinton speech, Hilary Clinton made in 1996. In the link from WGNTV, the reporter explained niggers and mestizin were more in numbers incarcerated because of a law passed before 1996. In a speech which was shown in the news report filmed in 1996 just after the law was past, the video showed Hilary Clinton described the criminals as „super predictor.“ In this year, when the niggress protester spoke to Hilary Clinton, should Hilary Clinton have some type of supernatural power to see into the future to know the racial result of the law passed in 1996!? It would be impossible to know how laws will result in the future, referring to racial demographic, when nothing racial was written in that law passed in 1996!!