Link From Fox News Online, February 2016. Severe Weather Across America
The link from Fox News coverage is about tornadoes in North Carolina. On Twitter, yesterday, I was via National Weather Twitter accounts, several regions, yesterday which has severe summer weather. It is summer weather because of the high humidity and the severity of the Thunderstorms. During a typical summer, it is common for severe weather but it is not common, even during the summer season for several regions in the USA, to have severe weather occurring on the same day! Yesterday, severe summer thunderstorms occurred in the state of Montana, most of the Northeast, the mid Atlantic states, the southeast, including Florida. To have severe thunderstorms in the winter season is very strange, it is so strange, that the media ignore the widespread severe thunderstorms in the USA, yesterday! It is God’s wrath, yesterday, the summer thunderstorms, which is strange in the summer season itself! The entire immediate west coast of the USA is having summer warmth, the forecast maximum temperatures for Seattle this week, is for one day with maximum temperature in the 60’s. 60’s in Seattle is typical for early June for Seattle.