February 24, 2016. Anti White Racist Female Mestizin Harasser In Light Rail In San Jose, CA

It is obvious most Mestizin are severely stupid in general knowledge!! Yesterday, I rode the light rail from downtown San Jose, CA to Santa Clara County government building. When I entered the light rail, two Santa Clara County VTA ticket inspectors entered the train too, they did checked everyones‘ ticket for the light rail, wouldn’t it be obvious the ticket inspectors would have more knowledge about the VTA system because they do work for the VTA transit agency!! The anti white racist Mestizin was too stupid to know her opportunity to asked for help to reach her final destination of Mission College, by asking the VTA ticket inspectors. In stead of talking official VTA personnel for information about VTA, the anti white racist Mestizin asked several passengers in the Light Rail for help. The anti white female mestizin harasser, spoke to me in vague mestizen dialect, from how the anti white racist female mestizin explained in mestizen dialect and the mestizin body language, it was apparent, the anti white racist female mestizin knew I didn’t understand the mestizin dialect, because while the mestizin was describing her final destination of Mission College, she should me a photocopied paper of stops, leading to Mission College, and the mestizin asked me for the connection bus to Mission College. I responded sarcastically obvious about my lack of knowledge of the area, because I don’t know every location within the San Francisco Bay Area. It is often whenever I discuss any city in California that starts with the first name of Santa plus a college, I first that of the city Santa Barbara because there in Isla Vista, CA, I do know the geographical location of the University of California in Santa Barbara. That was the reason, I paused for several several seconds, after I said, „Is it in Santa…Clara?“ I wrote sarcastically obvious responded to the anti white female mestizin, because I wasn’t sure in which city Mission College is located, I was thinking of West Valley College in Saratoga. The proper manner the anti white female mestizin should had communicated instead of I had to guess, she wanted to transfer from the Light Rail directly to Mission College, is to explain her situation. The anti white female Mestizin should had explain, she is traveling on the Light Rail to Santa Clara where she wants to transfer to a bus which goes to Mission College. The anti white racist female mestizin didn’t understand the question, „is IT in Santa Clara,“ because they anti white racist female mestizin only responded by saying the connection bus, as if the general English word „it“ describes the connecting bus. In the English language and the German language, the word „it“ is more general in description and in both languages of English and German the word „it“ or „es“ is gender neutral. In the English language of the question „is it in Santa Clara?“ Clearly describes the physical location of Mission College, not the location of the connecting bus!!