A Final Goodbye To My Calico Cat Luz

With the legal chaos of Elizabeth Pedersen, I am only concerned for my pet cat Luz. Luz is 18 years old and Luz has been slowly dying for over one year now. In the Bible, it states, all creatures yearn for „redemption.“ That means all creatures have souls and can be saved by Christ as their Savior. My mom told me Luz is a Christian, my mom told me Luz would pray when my mom prayed. I asked my mom, how my mom knew Luz was praying? My mom told me Luz would close her eyes, lower her head, and moved her mouth slightly. Without any medicines, Luz will physically die soon. Luz has a hyper organ because of her old age and without medical treatment, Luz will die. I know Luz will go to Heaven after Luz dies, my only concern for Luz is a peaceful death process without much suffering from her over active organ.