I Noticed Racial Segregation Within Genres Of Music

Since, I started listening to music for my own pleasure during the 1990’s, I had listen to Aryan supremacist music, Bush and other similar bands, it was explained to me, my a nephew „Rock“ music is „white supremacist“ music, at that time, I thought the nephew was exaggerating to a specific genre of music, but it is true, mostly all types of rock music, that I listen to has some level of Aryan supremacist ideology, be it the visual video along with the lyrics, it has been stated, musicians are vague about their lyrics so anyone may interpret the lyrics for themselves, that is why music is considered an art, but the Aryan supremacist music I listen to has „key“ words in Aryans supremacy as individual words in the German language, lyrics which explain the degenerates‘ corruption and attempted White genocide which lead to the Holocaust, as Interpol’s song „Not Even Jail.“ For the non mankind inferior degenerates who listen to brain dead music, I don’t really know, their satisfaction with the music they listen to, except they listen to that degenerate music for fashionable reasons.