Link From NBC Bay Area New. Racist Niggers At San Francisco High School

Check out @Eli_Hitler_R’s Tweet:
The high school in San Francisco, CA, has a student population of 2,600, „less than 60,“ were protesting, what is the ratio of those racist nigger students compared to 2,600!! Enough to be reported on news and corrupt the principal at the high school in San Francisco, CA. About the news report, it was stated in the news report, the high school was looking for black teachers but couldn’t because of a „teacher shortage,“ but to purposely search a teacher, specifically for their race, is a form of racism!! It ironic, this is the second occasion, I visit San Francisco, CA and students protest at San Francisco city hall at the same day students had protest at San Francisco city hall, there were some hype rumors of San Francisco being a „protest“ city, I have observed real protest at Westlake in Seattle. Almost every day there is a protest at Westlake in Seattle, often there are small protests occurring at the same time at Westlake in Seattle. Today, I rode Bart through the East Bay shoreline, the cities north of Fremont, CA are ugly. Near Oakland, CA, I was reminded about the movie „Back To The Future“ Part 2, the scene when „Marty“ and „Doc“ returned to an „ultimate 1985“ with some „war“ occurring.“ Near Oakland, CA, were three neighboring houses, which were destroyed by a fire, the funny part of seeing those three burnt house, was, the public has complete access to look inside the burnt structures, there are any caution yellow tape, nor police tape, for an active police investigation. It is as if the city government doesn’t even care for the public’s safety, for, if the burnt ruins were to collapse on anyone who may be too close.  During the BART ride through the East Bay, I noticed more niggers outside compared to the San Francisco peninsula and the San Francisco south bay. It would be fascinating to discover, the racial history of San Francisco because it is no coincidence that the ugly parts of the East Bay are where the niggers live, how was the San Francisco Bay Area was racially segregated during the time of the entire USA being under local Jim Crow laws?