Undercoverage News In America About Mass Deportations

Check out @Eli_Hitler_R’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/Eli_Hitler_R/status/701215609321721856?s=09
Today, I discovered one Zionist organization in Illinois named „communities against Deportation.“ The other day, I saw online 12 people were arrested in Chicago for a protest against the American Federal agency ICE. There is a noticeable difference in America since the terrorists attacks in Paris and southern California. During the Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, ICE federal agency was the main federal agency in charged with security around the San Francisco bay area for the Super Bowl 50 activities. Referring to the Zionist organization in Illinois, it is ironic such a Zionist organization exists in Illinois, when, last month I visited Chicagoland, I didn’t see much Mestizen people there. This week, I saw an online commercial from the mid Atlantic coast about illegal aliens and ICE. People and the media are not discussing the current mass deportations in America, but it is noticeable in decreased population, all across America, from the San Francisco bay area to Chicagoland. When I did visit Chicagoland last month, if Chicagoland still has a Mestizen population, the vast majority of that Mestizen population in Chicagoland are in hiding. I was wondering why the federal agency ICE was in charge of security during the Super Bowl activities, the federal government has disclosed their information, but wouldn’t it make sense, if the ICE agency was in charge of security during the Super Bowl activities, perhaps, the federal government is legally suspicious of all illegal aliens as terrorists.