What My Mom Would Had Thought About The San Jose State University

What my mom would had like the most about San Jose State University would be the library, not for the library services but the social environment inside the library, each floor is designed different from other floor. My mom would describe the 4th floor in King Library as the fun floor because there are small structures on the west side of the floor which has Legos on them plus large windows. When my mom and I lived in King Arthur’s Court In Seattle, my mom would spend hours looking out her bedroom window on the 6th floor, my mom liked to observed human activities on the ground, the routine of car traffic, walker and their socializations, my mom would often guess what people on the streets were conversing about, my mom noticed the grocery delivery routine at Grocery Outlet, and the best times to enter Grocery Outlet, based on my mom’s observations of store’s merchandise outside, plants, and pumpkins during October. My mom would had liked the restaurants in the San Jose State University „Union Square,“ is such a university restaurant existed in Seattle, my mom and I would visit often just to eat meals there.