Watch „Disney’s The Finest Hours – Trailer 1“ on YouTube

The other day, I went to a movie theater at Oakridge Mall in San Jose, CA, I didn’t see any movie there at the theater. On a counter, I saw a binder with information about movies shown at that theater, I saw a movie that was released in early January, last month, which is still shown at the theater. For Easter Sunday, I want to watch the movie „Finest Hour,“ at a theater in San Francisco, CA. Easter is the last Sunday of next month, March. I enjoy the ocean, one day I would like to sail the oceans and experience storms on the ocean. I don’t know much of 1952 male hair cut fashion but the actors in the movie „Finest Hours,“ has undercut hair cut and Chris‘ Pine haircut is similar to my biological Maternal Grandfather Adolf Hitler, but my Maternal Grandfather Adolf Hitler had an undercut haircut, Chris Pine doesn’t have an undercut hair cut in the movie.