The Year My Mom First Moved To California In 1965

My mom was married to Elias, my mom lived in El Paso, TX, small towns in New Mexico, maybe Las Cruces too, some time when my mom lived in El Paso Texas, New Mexico area, Elias moved to California and my mom stayed to live with her daughters near El Paso Texas. My mom told me Elias would send my mom his income money and Elias would occasionally visit my mom in the El Paso Texas area. My mom asked Elias about California and my mom told me Elias lied about California. Elias told me mom, California is always foggy, cloudy, and cold, my mom told me, she thought, if it is so cold there and how can vegetation grow in California. My mom was disappointed about the stereotype of California because my mom believe everything in California was near the ocean. My mom told me of a town my mom saw near Santa Barbara or Santa Monica which doesn’t exist anymore with the name Santa with a similar sounding name of „Inez,“ that town in 1965, was very close to the ocean, my mom thought all of California would look like that town she saw near Santa Barbara. It wasn’t until my mom moved to Hollister, when church friends told her about „the big one.“ My mom first lived in Santa Clara then Lodi, my mom knew about earthquakes ever since she was a young toddler in Germany but my mom didn’t know about the fairy tale lie of „the big one“ of California,“ the „big one“ fairy tale lie of California was a very large earthquake strong enough to send California into the ocean. What was ironic about my mom’s age, when she moved to California was my mom was 22 years old, when she first moved to California, I was 22 when my mom and I first moved to Washington state.