Link From KING 5 Online.Campaign launched to repeal bathroom rule

Campaign launched to repeal bathroom rule

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When my mom and I lived in Seattle, Seattle city government voted to charge paper bags sold in stores. Then a vote went on the ballot about paper bag fees, the majority of votes, voted paper bags at stores should be free. Then sometime after the election, the Seattle city government decided, store could no longer offer paper bags. This scenario with the fee for paper bags at stores, seems familiar with the current chaos about the voters of Washington state want people born with sexual organs to use the restrooms of their biological organs, specifically the it people, who believe they aren’t biological males nor females. Those its are insane and sociopaths, because those its cite „civil rights,“ concerning „transgenderism,“ civil rights are federal law specifically concerning race, national origin, not about biological sexual organs. There are separate rights for biological males and female as „sexual harassment“ from what I know about sexual harassment laws, the laws doesn’t describe sexuality as an „identity.“