King Library In San Jose, CA, Is The Worst Library I Have Been, Concerning Its Loan Policy

The confusion with San Jose library loan system starts on its loan policy brochures which states, „limit 10 DVDs“ at one time. Nothing on the library brochure does the policy state lose of loaning privileged if checked over 10 items, plus there is a technically with the DVD subject which is limited to 10 items. The 10 limit is only for „fiction“ DVDs, which are „feature movies,“ the other limit is another 90 DVDs on „non fiction,“ DVDs which are documentaries. I don’t know if other librarians are vague to other users of San Jose public library, but whenever I asked any librarian about the specifics of the 10 loan items limit, they are vague to explain as if I already knew about the non sense library policy and when I ask for further information, so I would completely understand the insane policy, the librarians react strange, for example, yesterday, I discovered from the librarian, I know have 20 DVDs on loan, previously I didn’t know about the insane library loan library, so yesterday, when I checked out another DVD, the check out monitor read, „item not checked in,“ a proper library would program the computer system to display the loan policy on the check out monitor such as „reached loan limit.“ Today, I asked the librarian, to explain how I now have 20 DVDs on loan when the limit is 10, because a properly programmed library loan computer system would indicate the library’s loan limit, not the insane programmed statement „not checked in.“ I did told the librarian „I don’t understand,“ which referred to the now checked out 20 DVDs and the loan limit 10 DVDs, that was when the librarian reacted as if I should know about the 10 DVD limit, then I told the librarian „how is it, I have 20 DVDs, when the limit is 10?“ That was when the librarian explained to me, the check out monitor system, should had stopped further loans of DVDs. It is somewhat surprising about the hype in the media about Silicon Valley technology industry, when, the library loan computer system is very antiquated!!