The Survey Research Company „McGuire Research Service, Inc“

Today, I received an email about receiving surveys through email from the company „McGuire Research Service.“ McGuire Research Service obtain my email address from the voter registration of Santa Clara county. I registered online, the online registration only asked about American citizenship and race, which I did doted the space for „white.“ Today, I did a survey, the survey didn’t ask demographic questions, except for „sex.“ I assume the other questions about age, race, were already collected by the McGuire Research Service, perhaps the question about one’s financial situation is irrelevant by what I is anti white racism, which was opposed on my mom when the applied for jobs, as the gave the reason for my mom’s disapproval for the job as „overqualified,“ or perhaps, McGuire Research Service is not interested in one’s financial due to liability of lost information. Before, I accepted the surveys from McGuire Research Service, the email explained, the questions would be based on the voter registration and the area where I live. Today, I received an extensive survey about two democratic candidates, who are up to vote in June, I did registered for the Republican party. Being California is controlled by the democratic party, it makes sense, mainly democratic candidates will win votes this June.