I Experience Life, As I lived In Another Region In America, Plus My Wish of No More Communication With My Maternal Grandmother Eva’s Braun Descendants

I have wondered, how my life would be, if I were to live in another region in the USA, without „help“ from Elizabeth Pedersen. Now that both siblings are in federal prison, my experience is similar, as if I did live in another region in the USA, now I am completely alone. I don’t even visit the Avalos family in San Jose, CA, because the fake „family“ relationships are very frustrated and I very much dislike the hypocrisy „family“ concern for the half biological sister Judy’s children and her husband, I very much dislike their degenerate nature, by product of their degenerate physical existence! One of the events, I was looking forward, when I returned to live permanent in the UK, is no more communication with Elizabeth Pedersen, specifically, but also, the Avalos family, so I got half of the no more communications wish before I return to the UK!! I often listen to the song „Auld Lang Syne“ to remind me, of my future life in the UK, without any communication with people I don’t trust.