February 16, 2016. Non Sense DVD King Library Loan Policy

Today, I communicated with a non mankind inferior degenerate librarian, who vaguely explained the DVD loan King Library loan policy. I had several King Library brochures too, its explanation is vague too, I read the limit is 500 library items, but the brochure did explained a mixture of DVDs and other library loan items. The King Library brochure didn’t explain the 10 DVD limit, the DVD limit which limit is 10. Another librarian explained to me, the 10 DVD limit is for the DVDs with has a letter on the side of the DVD case, the number on the outside of the DVD has unlimited loan number, the anti white chink female librarian actually got mad at me, when I explained what the first librarian told me, as the first non mankind inferior degenerate vaguely explain as if 10 were checked out during a time frame which limits other DVD loans, that was when the anti white racist female chink got angered with me an explained the 10 limit of loan DVDs which has a letter on the side of the DVD case. Last week, I asked a hermaphrodite Judin male middle age fag, the location of „University Theatre.“ The anti white racist middle age Judin fag man lied about „not working there,“ because he is an employee of King Library which is on the San Jose State University, which has joint jurisdiction with the university and the San Jose public library system, but at least the anti white racist middle age Judin fag man lead me to the general direction of the University Theatre, which I did found. Even if the anti white racist Judin elderly fag man doesn’t work for the San Jose State University, King Library is on the San Jose State University and as if no one else has asked locations on the San Jose State University campus before, I asked him. When I lived in Seattle, with my mom, my mom told me, if I needed help to research any social services, to ask the librarian at Seattle public library, because my mom told me, the librarians has access to the internet, which is now part of their required job description, to research social services through the internet, that would most likely apply to research the University Theatre online, if truly, the anti white racist middle age Judin fag man didn’t know the location of the University Theatre.