Evening Of February 15, 2016. Reminded Me Of Gossipers At Lake City Seattle, WA

I rarely went outside to travel around Seattle during the evenings because I preferred to rest during the evenings, before I went to bed after 10 pm. In Seattle, I went to bed later during the summer because our apartment in Seattle was very warm during the summers, plus because the balcony window curtains were left open during the summer months, the eastern sky didn’t turned completely dark, until after 10 pm. During a time, when my mom and I lived in Lake City in Seattle, some of the gossipers there, started to gossip about Aryan can’t go out after dark. Last evening, I experience, something which those gossipers were gossiping last night. After 7 pm last night, I waited for the bus near King Library in San Jose, CA. When a mestizin fag man asked if I had „15 dollars,“ I didn’t know that mestizin fag man was a fag prostitute. Now, I know fag prostitutes ask money for sex, when a stranger asks one „do you have money?“ The fag Mestizin man was so insisting about sex, that I almost had to call 911. The mestizin fag man had very low self-esteem, the mestizin fag man explained his desire for sexual love as if it was a illegal strong drug and to live luxurious, with the same desire as if the mestizin fag man was addicted to money as if addicted to drugs, most likely that fag mestizin prostitute was severely emotionally depressed and suicidal.