The Movies „The Best Of Me“ & „The Notebook“

This morning, I listen to most of the movie „The Best of Me,“ whenever I saw a new movie on DVD, I don’t watch the movie, I screen the movie first by just listening to the audio first. The movie „The Best Of Me“ is copied from the movie „The Notebook.“ Romantic love does exists but there is a big difference between romantic love and relationship codependency, which both movies „The Best Of Me“ & „The Notebook,“ aren’t about romantic love but codependency in „romantic“ relationships. In the movie „The Best Of Me“ the main female character as an insane (not based on romance) attachment to a former love. It is insane because everyone changes during their lives, Elizabeth Pedersen for example, was totally changed by her husband Peter Pedersen and Elizabeth Pedersen behavior appeared as if Elizabeth Pedersen was severely depressed, if Elizabeth Pedersen saw a former boyfriend she had, Elizabeth Pedersen would feel nothing towards him because Elizabeth Pedersen had changed. Similar to the movie „The Notebook“ both main characters has codependency insane issues both were insanely obsessed about each other, after they were separate for some years, not even a biological parent would obsessed for their grown child as such to effect them severely emotionally as with the two main characters in the movie „The Notebook.“ The two main characters in the movie „The Notebook“ were so obsessed to the point both were non functional, in their lives!!