February 13, 2016. Anti White Racist Judin Male Hermaphrodite At King Library

One thing that was obvious, the anti white racist hermaphrodite Judin male fag man was an anti white racist, was his psychotic facial expression when he took his bag and left. I was on the phone with a replacement Uncle Gabriel, because Uncle Gabriel had a severe stutter, it was very common when I had phone conversation with Uncle Gabriel, I couldn’t understand anything, and I had to either pretend, I understood him or asked him to repeat himself. Something similar to the anti white racist Judin hermaphrodite fag man, here today in San Jose, CA, happened in the Lake City Library in Seattle. I don’t remember what happened in Lake City Library, but I do remember a sarcastic conversation my mom had with me about the library in Lake City, my mom told me, „the library is not a museum, where it is required to be silent,“ „if the person wanted complete quietness, they should wear ear plugs and place themselves in the quietest room in their house, in the closest.“ The anti white racist Judin hermaphrodite fag man, in his own insane world, told me, I was „yelling,“ but in fact I was speaking in a conversation volume on the phone.