In General Terms, Why I Don’t Trust The American Government System

I am aware about the existence of a „hidden“ government with the American government, that „hidden“ government controls everything in American and those individuals are Aryan supremacists. What frustrates me about the future is the control between the known American government and the „hidden“ government because currently the American government is literally going out of control. The federal lawsuit against the city of Ferguson, Missouri is illegal because, it is not legally justified to sue an entire city, when only a few individuals were criminals, the lawsuit is too general for the entire city. The cop who shot Michael Brown wasn’t a criminal but I has seen news reports on Fox News about other cops in Ferguson, Missouri, who were criminals, because of the current severe corruption in America, the corruption is a genocide threat to the Aryan race in America, and the possibility of that some corruption reaching Europe again, there is a current struggle for control within the American government.